Anonymous said: C, m, j, l, d 😊

I said:

C: I love the cold and being snuggled up in bed when it is cold.

M: I love making new memories. Hanging out with new people and creating memories is the best thing ever.

J: I love john mayer and all his music.

L: I love to be in love. It’s like taking the craziest drug you can get and as soon as it’s gone you feel the withdraws. But when you have it, it makes you feel like nothing else matters.

D: I love dogs so fucking much. They are my favorite.

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Anonymous said: I still ship you and tbird

I said:

I haven’t even talked to her in forever lol.

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Anonymous said: A :)

I said:

This is crazy because I was just talking with someone about my favorite movie and it’s called Armageddon.  

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Anonymous said: T

I said:

Hmmmm, I love tatter tots lol.

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Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you 1 thing I love which starts with that letter.


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baby, please 


this entire poem destroyed me

this breaks my heart

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